Entry #1


2014-04-13 06:46:46 by dashassfrost

Well hello, NewGrounds users passing by! This is my first blog post here, however it easily can be the last... but who knows? ;)
I'm very glad to see you here, thanx for visiting my page! So feel like home and I hope you like all the stuff I share here and include on my *endless* 'To Play' list and maybe something else, heheheh. :3

Probably, some of you have already seen any of my artworks and, thus, we are acquaintances in absentia, kinda. I plan to share some of my newer artworks here now and in future, and hope it would work out fine. Especially since DeviantArt and I are not very friendly to each other and there's a visible tension between us, I was looking for different services to share my graphical works and think this place is just sweet :).
I hope you NewGrounds guys appreciate my drawings! Don't sue me hard, I love weird stuff, experiments and cartoons :3

So, if you want to know me better, feel free to send a private message or kinda. I got some blogs and pages on different websites, so you can find me there, but as far as I'm usually seldom in the internet in general, it may take me some time to reply. But I surely will do once I'm back online again, so I just warned you! :) I like to make new friends, I hope we'll get along well! :D

I think that's all I wanted to tell you in this post. Thank you for attention! See you!




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2014-09-27 09:53:35

Aw, can't believe no one's said hi to you yet.... Welcome to Newgrounds!

Wow, you've certainly got quite a volume of work (peeped your dA). Just upload 2 or 3 works a week, and you're sure to gain fans, fame (fortune lol), and hopefully an honest appraisal of your work. We love weird stuff here, so glad you decided to join us!


2015-03-26 17:52:59

I've been here since 2000